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Shortcut To Strength – Day 24 – Back

Day 24 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and it was back day today. I usually enjoy back day as it can be hit in many different ways so keeps the training interesting and fun. I got to the gym and did a few warm up exercises and foam rolling but I really couldn’t get focused into the workout. I felt pretty tired and low on energy for some reason I can only think it was because I was quite dehydrated from my spin classes the night before and I hadn’t replenished my fluids as much as I should have. I did some weighted pull ups and some heavy pulldowns whilst I was waiting for the barbell to become free. I also tried a few random exercises/gym hacks and the one I did like was a form of jockey row which was great to help with warming up for deadlifts. I did a few warm up sets of deadlifts and they felt quite good so I put the weight up to 130kg and did two sets of 5 then thought it felt a bit lighter than it should be so I did my maths and realised I was supposed to have 135kg on the bar!…dammit! so to try and make up for it I put 140kg on the bar and managed to get 3 sets with that (the first being the video). The last set was only really 2 good reps though and I had to drop the weight as I just didn’t have the strength. I finished with some straight arm pull downs but I still couldn’t focus so I just called it a day. There was no real point to try and keep going as the reps would have been poor and it would have just annoyed me even more. I still go the main work done though so that’s the main thing.


Shortcut To Strength – Day 15 – Legs

Day 15 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and it was legs today. The training changes slightly this week in regards to the reps and weight. It is based on 5 sets of 5 reps at 85% of my 1 rep max. I trained at my works gym today as I had work in the afternoon. What I didn’t do was pre book the squat rack (we only have one!) so when I got to the gym there was no free slots. Luckily my mate was about to start his leg session just as I got there so I jumped in there with him. 85% of my 1 rep max is 102kg so I put 102.5kg on as that’s as close as I could get it. Because we didn’t have much time on the squat rack we had to rush our warm up and somehow try to get 5 sets each in within our 20 minute slot. My warm up sets felt terrible and my right quad felt really tight for some reason. I tried rolling and massaging it in between sets which helped a little. The more sets I did though the better it felt. I got the 5 sets done just in time and they felt pretty good considering I was only really having 1-2 minutes rest between each set. I did kick myself a bit after as I think I should have tried it with 105kg. My form felt ok but I was leaning forward quite a bit which wasn’t great, I still got the weight up and my knees felt fine but I think I could have sat upright a little more. The rest of the session we just kind of made up as we went along and so did some kettlebell front squat, leg extensions, leg press, hamstring curls and lunges. It was a tough session but felt good. Its always good to have a training partner at times as it can get competitive and push you that little bit harder. Quads are getting sore already though so the next few days will be fun! 

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It’s 4.30am…..It’s too early!

It’s -1C outside……It’s too cold!

I start work at 6am…….I haven’t got time!

My knees hurt……I have an injury!

Every single one of these “excuses” went through my head this morning when my alarm went off and none of them are valid!….they are all bullshit excuses we tell ourselves in order to not get the exercise done that we should do.

We all want to achieve goals and dreams but naturally look for the easy way out, no one wants to work hard for them.

We don’t want to exert ourselves for the fear of pain or being uncomfortable in the pursuit of our goals. But beyond that pain and discomfort is success you just have to want it bad enough.

We are all too happy to be in our bubble of warmth, comfort and security than push that extra bit harder to get what we want.

But what if you dare to break out of that bubble and try something new to become more active, so what if you don’t quite get it first time round or you don’t enjoy it, pick something else and try again. Don’t allow excuses to poison your mind and stop you from achieving new things.

For every excuse to not exercise there is a good reason to go through with it…

It’s 4.30am…it’s too early!…..Bullshit……the world is a different place in the mornings, its peaceful and calm and is perfect to relax and focus your mind. Enjoy the fact that your out there doing something whilst everyone else is asleep. Your already ahead!

It’s -1C outside…It’s too cold!…..Bullshit…..You have clothes just put extra layers on! Once you are moving your body warms up and you feel better.

I start work at 6am…..I don’t have time!…..Bullshit…..If you get up early enough you make the time. Be efficient with your time as well, get multiple things done at once to save time. Exercise doesn’t have to be an hour on the treadmill, it can be as simple as a brisk walk for 20 mins.

My knees hurt…..I have an injury!……Bullshit….Yes avoid aggravating an injury but they can be healed with a physio or doctor but don’t allow it to stop you. Find something else to do instead, go swimming, try some shadow boxing, go for a walk….there is always something else you can do!

Don’t allow yourself to come up with excuses each and everytime. Exercise has far more benefits to you than getting fitter so get your ass up early, wrap up warm, find something you enjoy and get it done!!!

No more excuses!!