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Shortcut To Strength – Day 10 – Rest Day

Day 10 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and it was a rest day today as I had my usual classes to take. For my body conditioning class I did three different workouts. The first was based around core exercises. Pretty simple it was 30 secs per exercise with 10 secs rest between each for a good 5 minute core blast. The second workout was a 10 min as many rounds as possible workout. They had to do 5 squats, 5 press ups and 5 sit ups and then on the turn of every minute they had to stop what they were doing and do 5 burpees before carrying on. The final workout was something I came up with last night. I wrote ten exercises on the board and numbered them. I then downloaded a spinner app on my phone that had ten segments. I would then spin the wheel and whatever number it landed on the class would have to do ten reps of that exercise. If the same number came twice in a row then the reps are halved. This was done for about 15 mins in total. For my spin class I based it on supersets so two exercises back to back. Each segment was for 1 min each and by the time we got to the end sets it was pretty tough!

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Spin Class 23/03/2016

I didn’t do my class last week as I was off work with the flu so I knew whatever I did for today’s classes I would struggle a bit with my fitness. I decided to come up with 3 10 minute challenges to give the class. So after a good warm up the challenges went like this:

  • Challenge 1:
    • As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of 500m Seated sprint, 200m Seated Climb, 500m standing sprint and 200m standing climb. For this challenge they have to watch their own distances and change whenever they reach the required distance for each discipline. I set the class the target of trying to complete 3 full rounds within the 10 mins.
  • Challenge 2:
    • Every minute on the minute – Seated hill climb and every minute on the minute come up out of the saddle and sprint as hard as you can on the same gear for 10 seconds. Return to a seated position and continue until the 10 minutes are up. Try not to change the gear down at all unless you physically cannot turn the pedals.
  • Challenge 3:
    • Sprint for distance – Seated sprint 40 secs, rest 20 secs, standing sprint 40 secs rest 20 secs and repeat for 5 sets. This is just about sprinting as fast as possible for each sprint with limited rest. I told the class to set themselves a target distance to try and achieve within the 10 minutes just so they had something to aim for.

Overall the challenges worked well and everyone seemed to enjoy them. It brings out the competitive nature in a lot of people and so they tend to push a bit more.

Let me know how you get on and if you have any 10 minute spin challenges of your own!

Spin Class – 09/03/2016

I woke up feeling very rough this morning so I really didn’t have the energy to take part in my two classes so I decided to teach them off the bike.

I came up with a bit of an interactive session so that the participants didn’t get bored with me not on the bike. The session I came up with was:

I made up three sets of cards:

Set 1: Bike Positions – Seated Climb, Seated Sprint, Standing Climb, Standing Sprint, Hover, Jumps

Set 2: Number of Sets – 2, 3, 4, 5, My Choice!

Set 3: Time to work for – 30, 45, 50, 60, My Choice!

The way it worked was I got the people taking part to take it in turns to select a card from each pile (face down so they can’t see them). I would then write that workout on a whiteboard at the front and then take them through it and just repeat the process. I would choose the rest that they get between sets depending on what they were doing, for example if there was 4 sets of sprints then they would get longer rest than a couple sets of hill climbs.

It was quite simple but very effective as the members found it fun as they didn’t know what was coming and it saved me having to think of a new session. The great thing about this session is that there will never be two the same!

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Spin Class 2/3/2016

I wanted to keep tonight’s class fairly simple so I went with the following:

  • Seated Sprints – 8 sets of 30 secs work, 30 secs rest between each
  • Seated Climbs – 7 sets of 30 secs work, 20 secs rest between each
  • Standing Sprints – 6 sets of 30 secs work, 30 secs rest between each
  • Standing Climbs – 5 sets of 60 secs work, 20 secs rest between each
  • Seated Sprints – 4 sets of 60 secs work, 30 secs rest between each
  • Seated Climb into standing sprint – 3 sets of 60 secs seated hill into 20 secs standing sprint

The idea was to have descending sets and increasing times. I ran out of time though so I had to do the last one as a superset which turned out to be a good way to finish the session off and get the last bit of energy out of the legs!


Spin Class 24 Feb 2016

I wanted to concentrate on some hill work tonight so I did a tri-set that involved all of the hill climb positions. I also threw in a few sprints to mix it up a bit. The session went like this: 

Warm up: 5 mins various positions and paces to warm the legs and body

Hill Climb 1: 

  • Seated Hill 20 secs heavy gear (around 20 rpm) no rest straight into…
  • Hover Climb 20 secs heavy gear no rest straight into…
  • Standing Climb 20 secs heavy gear no rest straight into…
  • Seated hill 30 secs heavy gear no rest straight into…
  • Hover climb 30 secs heavy gear straight into…
  • Standing climb 30 secs heavy gear straight into…
  • I repeated this for 40, 50 and 60 seconds of each position with no rest (people could rest or drop gear if needed)
  • This was a good 10 minute climb altogether

There was then a good couple of minutes rest whilst I explained the next bit:

Alternate Sprints:

  • Seated sprint 15 seconds 
  • Rest 15 secs
  • Standing sprint 15 seconds
  • Rest 15 secs
  • Repeat for 5 sets of each

We then went back to the hill climb I did at the start but this time we started at 60 seconds of each then dropped to 50 seconds of each and so on until we reached 20 seconds of each….

This is where I got mean!…. At the end of the tough 10 min hill climb I went straight into Sally Up Sally down! If you have not heard of this before it is a workout done to the track “Flower by Moby” and the lyrics go “bring sally up, bring Sally down. Set the bike to a little heavier than a seated climb gear and when the lyrics say bring Sally up you go into a standing climb (same gear) when it says bring Sally down you drop into a hover position (same gear) and repeat!! It’s a killer especially at the end of a hill climb!!

There was a couple of minutes to play with at the end so I just did a couple of what I call progressive seated sprints. You start in your normal seated sprint gear then sprint as hard as you can for a minute. Every 10 seconds though you add a little bit more gear on making it that little bit harder. Again your legs are on fire after about 30 seconds.

It was a good session and everyone seemed pleased which always the main thing!

Until next time!! 

Spin Class Card Game!!

I came up with a bit of a random idea the other day for one of my spin classes. There are multiple workouts available online that you can do using a pack of playing cards. They usually consist of bodyweight exercises such as burpees, press ups, sit ups etc etc. So I thought why not use the same kind of workout but instead use it for spin.

The workout goes like this:

  • Each suit represents a different workout on the bike so for example:
    • Hearts = Seated Sprints
    • Diamonds = Standing Sprints
    • Spades = Seated Climbs
    • Clubs = Standing Climbs
  • Each symbol on the cards represents 5 seconds of work so for example the four of spades = 20 seconds of seated climb
  • Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) = 1 minute of work
  • Ace = 10 seconds of work
  • Joker = Repeat the last position for 1 min. for example if you did a 20 second standing sprint then pull the joker you must do another standing sprint for 1 min!!

The workout then plans itself all you have to do as the instructor is pull the card, remind people what they are doing and for how long then choose a suitable amount of rest. Obviously you are going to give more rest after a long sprint than you would for a short hill climb for example. Just work your way through the deck of cards until you either finish it or you run out of time in your class.

As an added bit of intensity for the last five minutes or so of work I don’t give any rest and just pull the next card early so that you can transition straight into it.

The classes are quite fun as even yourself the instructor doesn’t know what is coming!

It’s a great way to run a class if you are short on ideas and each class is never going to be the same.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

Spin Class 17/2/2016

As per usual I left it to the last minute to decide what to do in my spin class. I looked through some of my old spin class workouts for some inspiration and came across one that I could tweak slightly. It turned out to be quite good and my classes seemed to enjoy it. Th final drill was pretty tough but that’s part of the fun of doing these classes each week.

The class went like this:

Warm Up – 5 Mins – Gentle spin with a mixture of gear changes and bike positions. There is also some short 10 second sprints in order to get the heart rate up and legs and knees nice and warm.

Drill 1

Seated Hill – 40 secs into Standing Attacks – 20 secs 

Rest 30 secs

Repeat for 5 sets

The seated hill needs to be nice and heavy (around 20 RPM) so slow powerful peddles and continue this for 40 secs. At 40 secs you then stand up out of the saddle and on the same gear accelerate as much as you can for 20 secs. Imagine you are overtaking someone and trying to put some distance between yourself and them. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 5 sets.

Drill 2

Seated Sprint – 1 min

Decrease Rest each set – Set 1 30 secs, set 2 20 secs, set 3 10 secs, set 4 10 secs, set 5

Repeat for 5 sets

This is a simple drill to just test peoples recovery. you need to peddle as fast as you can for the entire minute but try to keep as consistent as you can with your pace. Change the gear down slightly if your legs start to fatigue and your pace drops quite a bit. Ensure you are peddling against resistance though and take the legs to failure each time.

Drill 3

Seated Climb – 1 min into Standing Attacks – 30 secs

Rest 30 secs

Repeat for 5 Sets

This drill is does exactly the same as the first with the only difference being the times. The seated hill is for 1 min and the attacks are for 30 secs. The extra 10 secs on the attack really makes a difference and you should need all 30 seconds rest in order to recover. Repeat for 5 sets.

Drill 4

Standing Sprints 

Set 1 – 1 minute, rest 30 secs

Set 2 – 50 secs sprint, rest 20 secs

Set 3 – 40 secs sprint, rest 20 secs

Set 4 – 30 secs sprint, rest 20 secs

Set 5 – 20 secs sprint, rest 10 secs

Set 6 – 10 secs sprint, rest 10 secs

Bonus round – 10 secs sprint to failure….

This final drill is based on standing sprints. The length of the sprint is reduced by 10 secs each time with limited rest. The idea is to increase your sprint pace the shorter the sprint gets until the last set of 10 secs is an all out push to failure in the legs…..Done!

Cool Down – 5 mins – Gentle ride to allow the legs, heart and lungs to get back to normal. Stretch out the upper and lower body once off the bike.