Shortcut To Strength – Day 24 – Back

Day 24 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and it was back day today. I usually enjoy back day as it can be hit in many different ways so keeps the training interesting and fun. I got to the gym and did a few warm up exercises and foam rolling but I really couldn’t get focused into the workout. I felt pretty tired and low on energy for some reason I can only think it was because I was quite dehydrated from my spin classes the night before and I hadn’t replenished my fluids as much as I should have. I did some weighted pull ups and some heavy pulldowns whilst I was waiting for the barbell to become free. I also tried a few random exercises/gym hacks and the one I did like was a form of jockey row which was great to help with warming up for deadlifts. I did a few warm up sets of deadlifts and they felt quite good so I put the weight up to 130kg and did two sets of 5 then thought it felt a bit lighter than it should be so I did my maths and realised I was supposed to have 135kg on the bar!…dammit! so to try and make up for it I put 140kg on the bar and managed to get 3 sets with that (the first being the video). The last set was only really 2 good reps though and I had to drop the weight as I just didn’t have the strength. I finished with some straight arm pull downs but I still couldn’t focus so I just called it a day. There was no real point to try and keep going as the reps would have been poor and it would have just annoyed me even more. I still go the main work done though so that’s the main thing.


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