Shortcut To Strength – Day 20 – Rest Day

Day 20 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and today was a pretty special day as I attended a PT business seminar with @phillearney I have followed Phil’s work for a while now and had the opportunity to listen to him speak a few times and every time I come away with a whole new perspective on training, business and life in general. I have some real fears and concerns about starting my own PT business which is why I went on this course. I’m glad I went as it has given me plenty to think about before diving in head first. I would highly recommend Phil and his work to anyone even those not in personal training as he has a lot of good experience and knowledge to share! I will be signing up for his ACA academy for definite! I wanted to train shoulders today and I bought a pass to use one of the gyms just outside Manchester but I got there 15mins before it closed! I decided not to train which is annoying as after sitting down all day I wanted to throw a few weights around. We are staying at my girlfriends sisters house so I will use my pass tomorrow morning and get my session in then.

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