Shortcut To Strength – Day 15 – Legs

Day 15 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and it was legs today. The training changes slightly this week in regards to the reps and weight. It is based on 5 sets of 5 reps at 85% of my 1 rep max. I trained at my works gym today as I had work in the afternoon. What I didn’t do was pre book the squat rack (we only have one!) so when I got to the gym there was no free slots. Luckily my mate was about to start his leg session just as I got there so I jumped in there with him. 85% of my 1 rep max is 102kg so I put 102.5kg on as that’s as close as I could get it. Because we didn’t have much time on the squat rack we had to rush our warm up and somehow try to get 5 sets each in within our 20 minute slot. My warm up sets felt terrible and my right quad felt really tight for some reason. I tried rolling and massaging it in between sets which helped a little. The more sets I did though the better it felt. I got the 5 sets done just in time and they felt pretty good considering I was only really having 1-2 minutes rest between each set. I did kick myself a bit after as I think I should have tried it with 105kg. My form felt ok but I was leaning forward quite a bit which wasn’t great, I still got the weight up and my knees felt fine but I think I could have sat upright a little more. The rest of the session we just kind of made up as we went along and so did some kettlebell front squat, leg extensions, leg press, hamstring curls and lunges. It was a tough session but felt good. Its always good to have a training partner at times as it can get competitive and push you that little bit harder. Quads are getting sore already though so the next few days will be fun! 

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