Welcome to D.T.P!!

My story of how I was introduced to Dramatic Training Principle or D.T.P…

It was about 4 years ago and I had never heard of Kris Gethin or his training plans before. I was just a casual gym goer doing the odd set here and there to get by. I wouldn’t say I ever really challenged myself in the gym before in regards of seeing what my body could really do and how to overcome pain and negative thoughts in my head telling me to stop….until this one particular day…

I walked into the gym and it was pretty quiet as it was during the early afternoon. My mate (Rob) who was the owner of the gym started chatting to me and as he normally did he asked me what I was going to train that day. I said I wasn’t really sure – again this was when I never really had a plan to follow I just made it up as I went along. Rob said that he had read and tried a new training method called D.T.P. and if I was up for it he would put me through it. “Ok, Why not” I said, not having a clue what was about happen!

“We are going to do biceps and triceps” he said as he picked up an empty EZ-Curl bar. He set it on the floor in front of me and loaded it with a 1.25kg plate on each side. “Are you taking the piss or something?” I said as I looked at him pretty confused. Whilst I am by no means strong I can certainly lift an EZ-Bar (about 5kg in weight) with a couple extra kilos on. “Just trust me”, he said with a rather odd smirk across his face. I picked the bar up and set myself ready to curl this bar he had set up for me and looked at him for instruction……”First set, 50 reps!….Go”. I laughed at him “Yeah Ok” I said in a sarcastic manner. He laughed as well then pulled a serious face and said “50 reps….lets go!” I then realised he was being serious so my laughing soon stopped. I was a typical 3 sets of 10 -12 reps kind of gym goer so anything over this seemed ludicrous!

Anyway I looked at the light bar in my hands and thought it should be quite easy…….I was wrong. As I worked my way through the reps he would correct my form telling to stand up straight, keep my elbows in, try not to swing the weight up etc meaning the exercise was getting harder and harder. By the time I hit 30 reps my biceps were on fire. By 40 I could barley lift the bar anymore. Rob continuously shouted in my ear to keep going and get the reps done. I finally hit 50 reps and near enough dropped the bar to the floor as my arms just stopped working…..”Follow me” he said as he walked across the gym to the cable machine. He clipped on a straight bar and said “tricep pushdowns….50 reps lets go”. I think I swore at him but he didn’t care and told me to start. I gripped the bar and started doing the reps, all the time my biceps feeling more pumped and worked than ever before. The tricep extensions felt a little easier but still by the time I hit 50 reps they were pretty shot.

I dropped the bar and shook my arms out trying to revive them and get some kind of feeling back. Rob wandered across the gym again back to the EZ-curl bar and added another couple of 1.25kg plates to each end. I had already worked my arms way beyond what I had ever done before that so I was dreading what he was about to make me do next. “next set 40 reps…lets go” he said grinning from ear to ear. I just looked at him blankly and asked if he was being serious….of course he was!

This brutality went on for the next 20 mins or so of him shouting at me to get the reps done before he would add more weight to the bar and the cable stack and tell me the reps to do. Sets of 30, 20 and 10 all followed and how I managed to get through them is beyond me….I think its almost a blur. I hit the last couple reps of tricep extensions and dropped the weight and dropped to my knees rubbing my arms trying to find a position to hold them in so they didn’t hurt as much.

“How was that?” Rob asked giggling to himself knowing full well how I felt. Then he hit me with the bombshell….”We aren’t finished yet….that’s only halfway!”. I think I swore at him again! “Are you joking?” I asked still trying to revive my arms. “Very serious” he said, “we go back up in reps now!” I think I nearly cried when I heard that! Rob always was a good motivator though so I soon got back up to my feet and started the torturous reps back up the pyramid. The heavier sets were not as bad as the higher rep lighter sets. The higher reps just felt like someone was holding a blowtorch against my arm and I could barley lift my water bottle up to my face to take a drink.

“47……..48……..49……..50!” that was the first time I have ever willed myself to count that high! Those last few reps on the final sets of 50 were absolute agony and I think I was down to just the weight of the EZ bar by then as well. I didn’t care what weight I was “trying” to lift I just wanted to get the reps done. As I finished I just sunk to the floor and sat there for a while as Rob was just happily laughing and singing to himself about the pain I was in. Whilst I was sat on the floor I asked him about what we had just done and he explained it was by a guy called Kris Gethin and it was called D.T.P training…..I knew I wasn’t about to forget that name for a while!

The next day I went to the gym with my arms in bits but deep down I felt really good about what I had achieved. I had learnt to push my body beyond what it was capable of and whilst it may hurt and feel like torture at the time the feeling of accomplishment after was even better and made it all worth it! I spent the next few days on the internet researching and reading about Kris and D.T.P. I then fell upon Bodybuilding.com and his 12 week hardcore trainer. From this point onwards my view on the gym and how to train was completely different. I undertook the 12 week hardcore trainer and got into the best shape of my life.

I cannot thank Kris enough for the knowledge and motivation he has given me through his programmes and writing. I have in the years since followed his hardcore trainer twice, his muscle building trainer twice, his 4 weeks to shred twice and of course his D.T.P trainer several times. D.T.P and its various forms play a vital part in my training and always will as it is such a versatile and good way of training especially in times when you don’t have very long to train.

I would urge anyone to give D.T.P a go and see how it can benefit them. I have added a picture of my various transformations I have gone through following Kris’ programmes.



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