Shortcut To Strength – Day 11 – Back

Day 11 of the #shortcuttostrength and it was back day today. I went to see a physio this morning with the hope of sorting my left shoulder issue. After a bit of poking around he found that my lower traps and lats are not firing properly and so my upper traps and rear delt are taking a lot of the load. He did some release work on my upper traps and lats and we worked through some row movements in order to learn how to fire my lats properly. I have quite a bit of rehab work to do but hopefully this will be sorted. I had deadlifts to start today but I really could not get into them for some reason. I was supposed to have 130kg on the bar but I worked up to 110kg and was struggling with that weight. I decided just to stay at that weight and get my sets in which I did. I then did a few sets of rows and pull downs trying to activate my lats much better than I normally do and I think I managed it. My deadlifts were disappointing but I was happy with the rest of the work. Day 10 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and it was a rest day today as I had my usual classes to take. For my body conditioning class I did three different workouts. The first was based around core exercises. Pretty simple it was 30 secs per exercise with 10 secs rest between each for a good 5 minute core blast. The second workout was a 10 min as many rounds as possible workout. They had to do 5 squats, 5 press ups and 5 sit ups and then on the turn of every minute they had to stop what they were doing and do 5 burpees before carrying on. The final workout was something I came up with last night. I wrote ten exercises on the board and numbered them. I then downloaded a spinner app on my phone that had ten segments. I would then spin the wheel and whatever number it landed on the class would have to do ten reps of that exercise. If the same number came twice in a row then the reps are halved. This was done for about 15 mins in total. For my spin class I based it on supersets so two exercises back to back. Each segment was for 1 min each and by the time we got to the end sets it was pretty tough!



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