Shortcut To Strength – Day 9 – Chest

Day 9 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and today was chest day. It was supposed to include shoulders and triceps but I didn’t have enough time to fit it all in so I just went with training chest and I will catch up the rest on another day. It was still based around 5 sets of 80% of my 1 rep max so like last week the target was 85kg on the bar. Last week however I felt it was too heavy so I dropped it to 80kg. I did my first set with 80kg again this week and it felt much better. This was partly down to correcting my form slightly. I focussed on really squeezing my rear delts together as well as pulling my elbows in at the bottom of the movement. I had also been recommended by a mate of mine to try and widen my grip slightly so that my elbows don’t go wider than my hands. It all seemed to work as I managed to get the next 4 sets with 85kg. Admittedly I only got to 7 reps on some of them but I would have rather got to 7 reps with 85kg than 8 reps with 80kg if that makes sense? I then did some incline barbell press with 60kg for 5 sets although I probably should have gone a little heavier on this. I finished with some heavy cable flyes as I find this hits my pecs much better than dumbells. I can’t remember how many sets I did as I played about with the weights a bit and did a few dropsets as well. Whilst it wasn’t massive volume today I was happy with the work I did pleased I can see improvements.

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