Shortcut To Strength!

Today I have decided to finish following the #y3t trainer. I have followed it for the past 90 or so days and it has been really great for me. My overall strength has increased and I have maintained my general lean shape. The workouts were extremely tough but enjoyable at the same time. The whole process was great to learn and put in to practice and I can see why it is so effective. I would definitely recommend anyone to follow this plan no matter what their training goals are. Thank you to @neil_yoda_hill1 for writing his Ebooks making it so easy to follow and understand as well as his daily emails giving great advice and tips throughout. I will continue to learn from them and the materials he produces. I have decided to focus now on my overall strength gains so I will follow a dedicated strength plan. I have chosen to follow @jimstoppani #shortcuttostrength programme as it is pretty simple to follow as well as giving a lot of nutrition and supplementation advice. I will start this tomorrow and follow it for 6 weeks and see where I can progress to. I’m looking forward to it as it will be something completely new for me so it will be hard but a lot of fun! #y3tdisciple #kagedmuscle #kagedmusclesupps #kagedkreations #blog #diary #fitnessjourney #fitfam #fitspo #inspiration #motivation #weighttraining #abs #training #exercise #fitness #dailyblog #transformation #instafit #facefear #goals #strength #changes #trysomethingnew


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