Shortcut To Strength – Day 7

Day 7 of the #shortcuttostrength trainer and it was shoulders today. I felt better after my rest day yesterday so it was good to get back in the gym. I did a mixture of heavy barbell presses and some side and front Dumbell raises. I started though with some rear delt work as that is my weakest area. I did a lot of face pulls and bent over rows making sure my elbows were wide in order to hit the delts and not the lats. The good thing about having my own gym in my garage is being able to film and check my form without worrying about anyone else etc. My left shoulder hasn’t felt right for a while. It doesn’t necessarily hurt it just seems to move differently and fatigue quicker than my right. I took my tshirt off and did some banded face pulls to see how my rear delts are working and it’s quite clear there is a difference between my left and right sides. There is also a side difference in the size and shape of my traps again the left looks different to the right. I’m hoping a few visits to the physio will help to correct it. There is a slight difference in strength but nothing major so hopefully a couple massages and release techniques will do the job rather than several weeks of unilateral training. We shall see.

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