My Transformation Blog – Day 33

I was determined to do something in the gym today just to get myself back in there and get my transformation back on track. I had some breakfast and filled my water bottle with my supplements and went into my garage. I wasn’t sure what to train so just decided to do a bit of a total body workout. I did a giant set of shoulder raises, bench press, pull downs, tricep push downs and then bicep curls. I did about three sets of this for about 15 – 20 reps on each exercise and it felt good.

I did feel it on my chest a bit as I went from exercise to exercise so I didn’t feel that fit but this will slowly improve as I fully recover from the flu. I then did a few sets of barbell bench press superset with some variations on pull downs. I didn’t go crazy with the weight I just wanted to get the muscles working again and get a good feeling about the training. It was good to be at it again and start to push myself again.

I finished off with 10 mins on the spin bike, this is where I started to struggle as again it was a bit tight on my chest where I still have a bit of a cough etc I did want to do a full 20 mins but I started coughing so thought it best to get off and finish the session there.

I am back at work all day tomorrow so I will try and either do a bit of cardio on my break or do a bit of something in the garage once I get home.

It’s a good feeling to be getting back to normal!


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