My Transformation Blog – Day 32

I feel a lot better today and almost back to my normal self. Apart from a bit of a cough I generally feel quite good. I didn’t weigh myself this morning basically because I forgot and by the time I remembered I had already had breakfast and a couple of drinks of water etc. I will do it tomorrow instead…hopefully!

I went shopping today for a few bits and pieces as well as to get out of the house and have a bit of fresh air. I bought a couple of things from the supermarket as I have seen a couple of recipes that I would like to try out so I may have a go at one of them this evening.

I haven’t trained at all today, I just didn’t have my head in it so I will leave it to tomorrow and just do a very light total body workout just to get everything moving again. I don’t want to go full tilt back in to Kris Gethins programme at week 7 as it is very tough and not having trained for a week my body might not like it too much!

It will be good to get back into my training again as I feel so much better when I do train. I enjoy the challenge of the workouts and being able to push myself to the point of failure. There is only a few weeks until my girlfriend and I go away on holiday so I will have to start pushing my training as hard as possible and get in to the shape I want to be for that!



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