My Transformation Blog – Day 27 – Active Rest

i woke up this morning still feeling pretty rough with cold shivers and aches in my back as well as a headache. I made myself get up though and nice I had some breakfast and moved around a bit it did help me to feel a bit better.

My girlfriend and I decided to go into town to do some food shopping and have a walk around as we both wanted to get some fresh air. We found a nice restaurant and had some lunch before doing our shopping and returning home to chill out.

I didn’t feel up to exercising today other than the walk in and around town. I am hoping that I will have a bit more energy tomorrow and will try to get on the spin bike and do some cardio. I think the sooner I can start to push the blood around my body it will help to fight off this illness a bit quicker… I can’t really bare to sit on my ass and do nothing anymore!

I bought a vitamin C supplement today to hopefully help my immune system so I will add that in with my daily supplementation.


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