My Transformation – Day 26 – Active Rest

Another day and I still feel really rough! This illness is starting to get on my chest a bit now with a rough cough and leaves me short of breath and uncomfortable whenever I start doing anything more active than just walking. I don’t think I’m going to be able to train at all this weekend which is really annoying!

I am still trying to eat at regular intervals as well as keep up with all of my supplementation of Glutamine, BCAAs, Mutli vitamins, probiotic and fish oil. I will possibly look over the weekend at getting some vitamin C supplements to see if that will help clear this cold.

I am planning on just spending the weekend at home and trying to get myself feeling as normal as possible. If I do feel a bit better then I will try and get some cardio done which will most likely be a brisk walk somewhere. We shall see though.


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