My Transformation Blog – Day 25 – Active Rest

I had hoped my early night would help me feel a bit better today… didn’t! I woke up countless times throughout the night as I couldn’t get comfortable and I was wide awake at 6.30am so didn’t really get the lie in I wanted. Today was supposed to be a training day but I really do not have the energy to train so I have taken it as another rest day and hope i feel better over the weekend to make up my sessions.

My appetite is still quite high which is a good thing as I take it as a sign my body is trying to fight off this illness. I have been drinking at least a gallon of water each day with added BCAA’s and Glutamine in order to help me stay hydrated and keep my immune system firing.

I had agreed to start work a couple of hours earlier today as well which I really wasn’t looking forward to as I just felt drained all day. I hope this doesn’t develop into anything further as I really want to get back training as soon as I can. I know I shouldn’t rush it though so I will try to get as much rest, water and food in as I can to help clear the illness.

It hasn’t been an interesting day at all so I don’t have much to say really. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better and I will be able to train again by the weekend.


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