My Transformation Blog – Day 24 – Active Rest

I woke up this morning and felt like absolute poo!!!

I had a scratchy throat, upper body was aching and I kept going from hot to cold. I haven’t really been ill for a few years so I am determined for to not let it get the better of me. As it is Wednesday I have a rest day from my weight training and I focus on my cardio as I take a couple of fitness classes. As much as I really didn’t feel like it I dragged myself out of bed and got into work for my 9am body conditioning class. I usually take part in the class myself but as I just felt so bad I just coached them and pushed them where I could.

I went straight home after the class and just relaxed and luckily still have my appetite so managed to get a couple of meals in. I then went in to start work for 2.30pm still feeling pretty rough. I had my two spin classes that night as well but i knew I wasn’t going to have the energy or voice to do them myself so I decided to teach off the bike. Have a read of my spin class blog to see what I actually did in the class.

As soon as I finished the second class I went home, had a bit more food and then just passed out. Not a really productive day towards my transformation but rest, hydration and food are more important at this time in order to try and clear this cold/flu or whatever it is I have rather than trying to push on through the cardio and weights and make myself worse!

Apologies this is up a day late as I mentioned above as soon as I got home from work I just crashed and slept.


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