My Transformation Blog – Day 21 – Active Rest

I woke up this morning and my left knee was really sore from the football game I played yesterday. It didn’t feel quite as bad as I thought it might do but going downstairs was really painful. I tried using my foam roller for a bit which was seriously painful but after ten minutes or so the increased blood flow and warm seemed to help my knee and could walk somewhat better!! 

I went to see my mum for a bit as its Mother’s Day and then my girlfriend and I just chilled out at home watching t.v. I still had to do my cardio though so decided to use my spin bike and do about 40mins with a fairly light resistance so that it didn’t aggravate my knee, but at quite a high cadence so that it was challenging. I just watch you tube videos on my iPad whilst I do the cardio so that time goes much quicker! 

I’m interested for my weigh in tomorrow, I  will need to sharpen up my nutrition a bit I think as I haven’t been quite as strict as I should be. I haven’t been eating bad, it’s just things like fruit and the odd condiments that I have been having when I probably shouldn’t. I will see tomorrow and make my judgement from there. 


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