My Transformation Blog – Day 20 – Active Rest

I’m writing this a day late as I did not get round to doing it yesterday but in order to keep this blog continuous I wanted to still write it.

Yesterday was an active rest day so I just had to get my cardio in for the day. I had planned to play football for my local side so I knew I would get it in through that. I hadn’t played football in a few months as I keep getting tendinitis in my knees, particularly my left knee. I thought I would give it a go once again to see how I would get on. In a way I wish I hadn’t as my knees are just as bad as they were and it’s really annoying! I really enjoy playing football just for the fun of it. 

I played the full 90 minutes but for that last half an hour I was hardly running as my knees were just aching and sore. They were really sore all night as well. I need to be consistent and work on trying to get to the bottom of the reason why I have this. I will not play football again until I have sorted my knees which is tough to say but I think is necessary!

I hope this pain is not going to slow or disrupt any of my workouts. I will avoid my leg day until later in the week so I have time to get my knees feeling better. My cardio might be the only thing affected but I will do something like riding the bike so that there  is no pressure on my knees. 


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