My Transformation Blog – Day 17 Active Rest

Wednesdays is the day that I take my classes I also had a day off from work which helps. I run a body conditioning class in the morning which I do various circuits and exercise challenges in and they are usually good fun. I then take two spin classes in the evenings (see my blogs about what I do in my classes). I take these days as a rest day from the gym usually as most of the time I get involved in the body conditioning and also do 90 minutes of spin so thats my workout for the day.

I didn’t take part in today’s class though as I had a couple of new people in there so I was making sure they were good with their form as well as helping and motivating the others taking part. Instead I went into the gym and did a bit on the rower and then did my own small circuit of Clean and presses, pull ups and kettlebell swings. I did a few round of this and then some other ab exercises and that was my a.m cardio done.

For the evening I just did the two spin classes and rode around 17km in each class, a mixture of hills and sprints so that was my evening cardio and more done! By wednesday night I am usually pretty worn out as I have a habit of pushing myself quite hard in the classes. I try and do a different spin class every week so that it doesn’t get to repetitive and boring for both myself and the participants. Because of this I don’t like writing a workout and not actually doing it to know how hard it is. I never like to make someone else do something that I can not do myself. I get quite invovled with the class as well as they are a good crowd and I feel they are looking towards me for motivation so I have to show them I am working hard as well. By the time I get home then i’m usually ready to crash out and fall straight asleep!!



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