My Transformation – Day 13

It’s Saturday and it is my turn to work all weekend. My shift is from 8am until 6.30pm so quite a long day meaning I had to get up a bit earlier this morning in order to get my first 20 mins of cardio in. I am working again this evening (I have a mobile disco business with a friend of mine) so I have to leave almost straight away and won’t get home until about 1am but I will get my second 20 mins of cardio done in between and that’s it for today really.

I try and get all my workouts done during the week so that I can relax on the weekends and do other things if i’m not working. I had to make up a few meals in advance last night as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get any done this evening after work as I am going from one job to another. This is all part of any programme that you may choose to follow. You have to just plan ahead and prepare for any scenario that may happen in order to stay on track.

At the end of the day there are no excuses, only you can control your success!


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