My Transformation – Day 11

I had the day off work today but I still got up early in order to have breakfast and get my workout in as I was going up to Liverpool with my mate to watch them play in a European game. 

Today’s workout was shoulders and abs so it was quite easy to get done quickly. The workout was as follows: 

  • Dumbell side raises 3 sets of 10-12 reps superset with heavy partial reps to failure
  • Seated Dumbell press 3 dropsets of 10-12 
  • Rear Dumbell lateral raise 3 dropsets of 10-12 
  • Weighted sit ups 3 sets to failure 

As I am currently having a few issues with my left rear shoulder I have been very form conscious and so try to keep everything as tight and isolated as I can. I’m pretty sure I achieved this as I was hitting failure just about in the right reps.  I was quite happy with my seated Dumbell press as I was going quite heavy but was working on keeping the negative movement to about 3-4 secs which really hurt! The rear delt movement was the hardest as that is where I am very weak at the moment but I kept the weight manageable and focused on form! 

For the ab work I just did them after every set of shoulders that I did in order to keep the workout time down. I didn’t do any cardio as my two spin classes yesterday were tough and I pushed quite hard in them. 

The rest of the day was spent travelling to Anfield and back. It was a good game even though I am a neutral supporter it was good to have a day out like this again. My meals haven’t been that great today, I was poorly prepared so just had to try  and eat and drink as much as I could that was relatively clean. Currently stuck in traffic trying to get home now so could be here for a while! 


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