Spin Class Card Game!!

I came up with a bit of a random idea the other day for one of my spin classes. There are multiple workouts available online that you can do using a pack of playing cards. They usually consist of bodyweight exercises such as burpees, press ups, sit ups etc etc. So I thought why not use the same kind of workout but instead use it for spin.

The workout goes like this:

  • Each suit represents a different workout on the bike so for example:
    • Hearts = Seated Sprints
    • Diamonds = Standing Sprints
    • Spades = Seated Climbs
    • Clubs = Standing Climbs
  • Each symbol on the cards represents 5 seconds of work so for example the four of spades = 20 seconds of seated climb
  • Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) = 1 minute of work
  • Ace = 10 seconds of work
  • Joker = Repeat the last position for 1 min. for example if you did a 20 second standing sprint then pull the joker you must do another standing sprint for 1 min!!

The workout then plans itself all you have to do as the instructor is pull the card, remind people what they are doing and for how long then choose a suitable amount of rest. Obviously you are going to give more rest after a long sprint than you would for a short hill climb for example. Just work your way through the deck of cards until you either finish it or you run out of time in your class.

As an added bit of intensity for the last five minutes or so of work I don’t give any rest and just pull the next card early so that you can transition straight into it.

The classes are quite fun as even yourself the instructor doesn’t know what is coming!

It’s a great way to run a class if you are short on ideas and each class is never going to be the same.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!


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