My 10 Week Transformation

I have given myself the goal of achieving a physical transformation in just 10 weeks.

At the start of this week my girlfriend booked us on a holiday to Italy at the end of April. We fly out on the 29th of April which also happens to be my 33rd birthday! As soon as she sent me the email to say that it was all booked I straight away wanted to plan how I was going to get in to better shape.

I currently exercise most days, usually 4/5 days of weight training and a bit of cardio in here and there. I haven’t been following any kind of plan recently though instead just kind of freestyling each workout. However, now we have this holiday to look forward to I want to get a set plan in place and then achieve the best results possible. My girlfriend (Tracy) has wanted to lose a bit of weight for a while and recently signed up to an 8 week plan with an online personal trainer and so this holiday is going to kind of act as the main motivation for us to both stay on track and push as hard as possible.

The plan I have chosen to follow is by a trainer called Kris Gethin. He has various plans available but his most successful one so far is his 12 week Hardcore Trainer which is available for free on What is unique about this training plan is the fact that Kris puts himself through it and films himself every single day doing the workouts and giving advice and tips throughout. I have followed the plan twice before and on both occasions I have had really good results. So good that I had people asking what I had been doing and if I would train them!

As this is a 12 week trainer but it is only 10 weeks until we leave I have decided to start on week 3 so that I can finish the programme just as we leave. I am determined to achieve a good looking physique and I know if I can nail the nutrition and push myself hard in the training then I can do that.

I have only just started this wordpress blog but I am hoping to track each day here and just write a quick review of the day and how my transformation is going. It will help me to stay accountable and hopefully/maybe it might inspire and help someone else to do the same thing.

I will weigh myself on Monday morning and try to get some body fat measurements taken so that I will have some numbers to work with and use to show how much I change over the transformation. I will also upload some before pictures as I am a huge believer in using the mirror instead of the scales to show change. You can use numbers in any way you want and manipulate them to look as good or as bad as you want but the mirror will not lie, it will only show what is put in front of it!

I have included the link to the workout plan below if anyone is interested in following it for themselves. I am a huge fan of Kris Gethin and his work so I would recommend his workouts and supplements to anyone and everyone.


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