Spin Class 17/2/2016

As per usual I left it to the last minute to decide what to do in my spin class. I looked through some of my old spin class workouts for some inspiration and came across one that I could tweak slightly. It turned out to be quite good and my classes seemed to enjoy it. Th final drill was pretty tough but that’s part of the fun of doing these classes each week.

The class went like this:

Warm Up – 5 Mins – Gentle spin with a mixture of gear changes and bike positions. There is also some short 10 second sprints in order to get the heart rate up and legs and knees nice and warm.

Drill 1

Seated Hill – 40 secs into Standing Attacks – 20 secs 

Rest 30 secs

Repeat for 5 sets

The seated hill needs to be nice and heavy (around 20 RPM) so slow powerful peddles and continue this for 40 secs. At 40 secs you then stand up out of the saddle and on the same gear accelerate as much as you can for 20 secs. Imagine you are overtaking someone and trying to put some distance between yourself and them. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 5 sets.

Drill 2

Seated Sprint – 1 min

Decrease Rest each set – Set 1 30 secs, set 2 20 secs, set 3 10 secs, set 4 10 secs, set 5

Repeat for 5 sets

This is a simple drill to just test peoples recovery. you need to peddle as fast as you can for the entire minute but try to keep as consistent as you can with your pace. Change the gear down slightly if your legs start to fatigue and your pace drops quite a bit. Ensure you are peddling against resistance though and take the legs to failure each time.

Drill 3

Seated Climb – 1 min into Standing Attacks – 30 secs

Rest 30 secs

Repeat for 5 Sets

This drill is does exactly the same as the first with the only difference being the times. The seated hill is for 1 min and the attacks are for 30 secs. The extra 10 secs on the attack really makes a difference and you should need all 30 seconds rest in order to recover. Repeat for 5 sets.

Drill 4

Standing Sprints 

Set 1 – 1 minute, rest 30 secs

Set 2 – 50 secs sprint, rest 20 secs

Set 3 – 40 secs sprint, rest 20 secs

Set 4 – 30 secs sprint, rest 20 secs

Set 5 – 20 secs sprint, rest 10 secs

Set 6 – 10 secs sprint, rest 10 secs

Bonus round – 10 secs sprint to failure….

This final drill is based on standing sprints. The length of the sprint is reduced by 10 secs each time with limited rest. The idea is to increase your sprint pace the shorter the sprint gets until the last set of 10 secs is an all out push to failure in the legs…..Done!

Cool Down – 5 mins – Gentle ride to allow the legs, heart and lungs to get back to normal. Stretch out the upper and lower body once off the bike.




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